Ninja and Shroud Could Return to Twitch Following Mixer Shutdown

Earlier today, Microsoft announced its plans to shut down Mixer, the company's livestreaming [...]

Earlier today, Microsoft announced its plans to shut down Mixer, the company's livestreaming service. As a result, Microsoft will attempt to transition users, partners, and streamers over to Facebook Gaming. However, it seems that two of Mixer's biggest streamers are currently keeping their options open, and might not make the jump to Facebook. According to a report from esports consultant Rod Breslau, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek were offered significant contracts by Facebook, but have accepted a buyout from Microsoft, instead. This will give the two streamers freedom to sign with whichever platform they so choose, so it's possible that the two might end up back at Twitch.

As of this writing, it does not seem that either streamer has made any concrete decision regarding their future plans. Ninja briefly commented on the situation on social media, but Shroud's Twitter is notably quiet, at the moment. Ninja signed with Mixer in August of 2019, in a move that stunned the esports world. Shroud followed a few months later, in October. At the time, the two signings seemed like major wins for Microsoft's service. Now, Ninja and Shroud are both, essentially, free agents.

Regardless of where the two end up, it seems likely that it could inspire a bidding war. According to Breslau, Ninja made approximately $30 million at Mixer, while Shroud made approximately $10 million. Given the popularity of the two, it seems likely that they could command even more from their next destination.

Of course, until Ninja and Shroud make definitive decisions, it's all just speculation. One way or the other, it should prove to be rather interesting for fans of the esports world.

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