Nintendo Sells Over 700 Million Systems Combined

We know that Sony recently crossed a huge threshold when it comes to the 500 million consoles it [...]

Nintendo Switch

We know that Sony recently crossed a huge threshold when it comes to the 500 million consoles it recently sold. But that's not to sell the competition short. In fact, Nintendo's been doing rather well on its own part.

Gamnesia has posted a report breaking down the sales numbers for Nintendo's consoles -- and that number is impressive as well. Apparently the company has sold over 300 million systems since the release of the NES, with the Nintendo Switch being a huge contributor to that amount.

The site also went as far as to break down individual sales numbers for each particular system. And it might just shock you just how well some of them did.

  • NES — 61.91
  • SNES — 49.10
  • N64 — 32.93
  • GameCube — 21.74
  • Wii — 101.63
  • Wii U — 13.56
  • Switch — 19.67
  • Total: 300.54

The Nintendo Entertainment System did great in its own right with 61 million units sold; and the SNES wasn't that shabby with 49 million units sold. But as you can see, there was a lull for a little while there between the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube, despite being popular with the game community. The Wii picked sales right back up, pushing to over 100 million units sold; but then the numbers dropped drastically with the Wii U.

The Switch, however, seems to be nearing its 20 million units sold mark, with more to come after hits like Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate come around. We wish Nintendo the best of luck.

And that's not all. Gamnesia also measured the total of handheld units the company sold -- and they're setting even more records.

  • Game Boy — 118.69 (includes Color)
  • Game Boy Advance — 81.51
  • DS — 154.02
  • 3DS — 72.89
  • Total: 427.11

Nothing can beat the Game Boy, it seems. But the 3DS is doing outrageously well in its own right, with over 72 million units sold. Even with the slight drop-off in games, it's sure to be a popular favorite this holiday season.

Overall, Nintendo and Sony combined have sold 1.253 billion consoles altogether. Not too shabby at all, and we're sure the companies will keep pushing their current models like hotcakes. (And of course, we'll keep buying them.)

You can see more notes from the report here! The Nintendo Switch is available now, and you should be able to find "classic" systems relatively easy at game stores!