Game Companies Respond To Nintendo Of America’s “Troll” Tweet, And They’re Awesome

Earlier today, we reported Nintendo of America’s epic tweet, showing its plug-in character [...]

Nintendo Chibi Robo

Earlier today, we reported Nintendo of America's epic tweet, showing its plug-in character Chibi-Robo surrounded in flame. This is no doubt a cryptic response by the company following hints (and potential demands) for a new Nintendo Direct special.

The company hasn't said anything since, but game companies have been responding in droves with their own clever retorts, mainly with characters on fire.

For instance, in the story above, we included an image provided by the official Doom account on Twitter, featuring a hand giving a thumbs up while being doused in flames. We've included the image below, but this is merely the beginning.

Other companies have since responded in kind. The official Mega Man account, for example, included what appears to be Heat Man, one of the game's Robot Masters, surrounded in flames.

The Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account also submitted its own two cents, with an image of a character shooting fire out of her hands.

And even though there's not an official game for the Nintendo Switch yet, the Assassin's Creed Twitter account has responded as well, showing a GIF of Anubis also surrounded in flame.

Obsidian also showed off a beautiful looking character with fire coming out of her head and hands.

IGN contributed its own fun little GIF as well, which Internet fans will easily recognize.

Origin PC went one step further, throwing fiery Elmo into the picture.

Last but certainly not least, Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, got in on the action, with a character from their popular game. Some people have since speculated some kind of Nintendo/Riot Games announcement, but…nah.

Even though it's not entirely company related, we absolutely loved this response:

We'll keep you notified as new responses come along, but, yeah, Nintendo is literally on fire today.