Nintendo Switch Getting Another Classic 90s Game

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are both getting yet another classic 90s game. The Switch and Switch Lite have been getting a lot of retro games lately, which suggests Nintendo fans are gobbling up these nostalgic games as they release. And as long as that continues, more and more retro games will be revived and ported to the pair of consoles. The latest to hop into a time machine is 1996 first-person shooter meets role-playing game, Strife, which is coming to the Switch and Switch Lite, though it's unclear when exactly it's coming.

The port comes way of Nightdive Studios, which has been reviving many classic games and bringing them to modern platforms. That said, not only is the team bringing the cult-classic 1996 title to Switch, but it's bringing it with an injection of "missing and unfinished" content, which includes a "Capture the Chalice" multiplayer mode, marking of current objectives on the auto-map, and a special HUD for the Torpedo.

As for the game itself, it debuted back in 1996 via developer Rogue Entertainment and via the MS-DOS. Since then it's come to the PC, but that's it. At the time of release, the game actually didn't light the world on fire critically or commercially. However, retrospectively, it's considered one of the most underrated games of the 90s and an important precursor to many shooters and immersive sims that followed.

"Immerse yourself in this all-consuming epic quest that for the first time combines riveting role-playing adventure with the spectacular Doom 3D engine," reads an official blurb about the game. "An evil presence has implanted itself in the fabric of our world. Play the role of spy, assassin, warrior, and thief as you are lured into the darkest and most perilous adventure of your life. You'll have Blackbird on your side – a seductive underground agent that will provide you with clues as you encounter progressively more sinister foes. Be strong, and trust no one."

As noted, there's currently no word of a release date, but it's possible this information will be shared tomorrow at Realms Deep 2020.


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