Ubisoft Describes Challenges Developing Immortals Fenyx Rising for Nintendo Switch

Brining Immortals Fenyx Rising to Nintendo Switch was a tough task according to Ubisoft. Associate Director for the title Julien Galloudec spoke to Nintendo Everything about the road to shipping the game. It comes as no surprise that the Switch version of any multi-platform game is going to have some concessions. The Nintendo console is just not as powerful as the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, to say nothing of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, the Switch has a massive install base, so publishers are motivated to have something for those fans as well. In the case of Immortals, it would seem especially strange to not have the title on Nintendo's console as the game drew instant comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild. For Galloudec and the team, the number one goal was just preserving the experience.

"It was an intention from the start to release the game on multiple platforms, including the Switch and the current-gen and next-gen. It was definitely another way to go out of our comfort zone because we are kind of used to developing on multiple platforms for current-gen. And for the Switch, it has been a challenge definitely," he explained.

"The key was to look at the game in different pieces and see depending on the context what we can optimize, what we can change, what can for example be less dynamic without touching the experience," Galloudec continued. "That was a big focus – making sure that no matter the platform, the experience is the same, but tailored and tweaked to the specificities of the platform and make sure that the sense of the experience is the same. So that has been quite a challenge, but we are very happy with the results on all platforms, managing to get the best out of it."

Ubisoft describes the game down below:

Immortals Fenyx Rising™ brings grand mythological adventure to life. Play as Fenyx, a new, winged demigod, on a quest to save the Greek gods. The fate of the world is at stake – you are the gods' last hope.


Wield the powers of the gods like Achilles' sword and Daidalos' wings to battle powerful enemies and solve ancient puzzles. Fight iconic mythological beasts like Cyclops and Medusa in dynamic combat in the air and on the ground. Use your skills and diverse weapons, including self-guided arrows, telekinesis, and more, for devastating damage. Discover a stylized open world across seven unique regions, each inspired by the gods.

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