Nintendo Switch Getting Classic Game Boy Color Game This Month

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are getting a classic Game Boy Color later this month, or more specifically, in just eight days. Starting on April 11, all Switch and Switch Lite users will be able to purchase, download, and play the original Shantae, which hit back in 2002 via WayForward, who is also responsible for this new port of the classic game from yesteryear. To accompany this news, WayForward also released a brand new trailer for the game.

As for the release itself, it will be limited to digital storefronts. In other words, at launch, there is no option to purchase a retail/physical copy of the game. However, a physical version of the game is coming later this year via Limited Run Games.

"The original Shantae is back and coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 22," reads an official blurb that accompanies the announcement. "Initially launched in 2002, Shantae is the acclaimed action-adventure-platformer that is often considered one of the most impressive Game Boy Color games ever produced. In this pixel-perfect adaptation, Shantae hair-whips, dances, and transforms as she seeks out four elemental stones throughout Sequin Land to put a stop to the nefarious lady pirate, Risky Boots!"

For those that don't know: Shantae is a side-scrolling platformer that debuted back in 2002 via the Nintendo Game Boy Color and developer WayForward and publisher Capcom. Hailed as a cult classic, the game spawned a series that is still going on today.


In 2013, the game was re-released on the Nintendo 3DS via the Virtual Console. And now it's coming to the Nintendo Switch, though, at the moment, it's unclear how much the game costs on the pair of Switch consoles.

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