New Nintendo Switch Leak Leaves Nintendo Fans Disappointed About Upcoming Exclusive

A new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite leak has left Nintendo fans disappointed about an upcoming exclusive. In just a few days, the Nintendo Switch will get one of its biggest exclusive games of 2020: Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. As you would expect, many have been boarding the hype train ahead of the game's release on May 29, however, some have now departed it following a new leak that reveals the game's resolution on the console.

Digging into the game's configuration files, a dataminer has unearthed that the game will run a dynamic 504-720p resolution when docked. Meanwhile, when the game is running in handheld mode, this will fall to 378-540p. In other words, the game will have have the same resolutions as Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

What makes the low resolution worse is the fact that it runs at the same rate that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 does, which by most measures, is a more demanding and newer game. That said, alleviating this a bit will be a sharpening filter similar to the one the sequel uses, plus, additional graphical options that may help elevate the game's graphics.

As mentioned above, Nintendo fans aren't thrilled with the news. Everyone knows the Switch is underpowered, but the PS5 and Xbox Series X are really beginning to highlight just how inferior it is in certain places.

For now, none of this information has been officially confirmed by Nintendo, but datamining leaks like this are typically very reliable. Further, it makes sense when you take into consideration how Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ran on the Switch.


Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is set to hit Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite on May 29. For more news, rumors, leaks, and all other types of coverage on the hybrid Nintendo console, be sure to peruse all of our past and all of our most recent articles covering the system by clicking right here.

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