Nintendo Seemingly Teases Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo more or less just confirmed the successor of the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch [...]

Nintendo more or less just confirmed the successor of the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch Pro, depending on how you decipher the comments. Whatever the case, Nintendo fans are excited. For months and months, rumors, reports, and leaks have been circulating about a Nintendo Switch Pro, which would be an upgraded Nintendo Switch that's more powerful and more expensive. While there's been plenty of Nintendo Switch Pro speculation, there's been little to no speculation about what the next platform will be, which is odd considering the Nintendo Switch, according to Nintendo, is halfway through its lifespan. That said, while Nintendo has yet to say anything about a Nintendo Switch Pro or its next console, it did hint at one of these during a recent earnings call with investors and analysts.

When asked by an investor about what areas R&D (Research and Development) is being spent, Nintendo noted that software is still the focus, however, it also noted that it is spending some of these resources on both Nintendo Switch Online and new hardware.

"We are still mid-way through Switch cycle, so software plus outsourcing costs are increasing for Switch which is the main factor," said Nintendo (translation via David Gibson). Also cost per title is increasing and need a certain level of scale. Investing in online as well. Although mid-way through Switch cycle it is necessary to invest in the next platform, where hardware and software integration will continue."

Now, some have taken this last bit to mean the Nintendo Switch's successor, and this could be the case. The way it's worded here, it does sound more like a brand new console rather than a model revision. However, with the context of all the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors, you'd assume this is a reference not to Nintendo's next big console, but the next big Switch revision.

That said, all of this is coming through translation, which means vital meaning and context may be getting lost in the process. In other words, take the quote above, and the speculation it has created, with a grain of salt.

Of course, if Nintendo provides any type of clarification or additional details, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. However, we don't expect this to happen.

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