Canceled Zelda Game Concept Art Surfaces Online Alongside Canceled Boo Game

Nintendo has been leaking like crazy, and the latest leak involving it features two canceled games from its past. Both projects -- a canceled Zelda game and a canceled Boo game -- were apparently once in development at the decorated Retro Studios, however, for whatever reason, these projects never saw the light of day. In fact, it looks like neither even managed to evolve past the conceptual stage, though this hasn't been confirmed, much like the projects themselves.

The never-before-seen concept art comes courtesy of artist Sammy Hall, who shared the artwork online. The more notable of the two projects is obviously the Zelda project. The art of it dates from 2005 to 2008 and confirms it never went beyond the pre-production stage. According to Hall, this Zelda game was going to be at least 10x wackier than any other entry in the series.

It sounds like the game was going to follow the bad ending of Ocarina of Time and continue the story by “exploring the last male Sheik’s (after a genocidal ethnic-cleansing) journey transforming into the Master Sword”.

In addition to this, the artist reveals that Dark Gerudo “giving their 100-year birth to Ganon” would have been incorporated into the story of the action RPG as well.

While the artist reveals a few details about the Zelda project, less is disclosed about this mysterious Boo project, which was in development between 2006 and 2007, or at least it was going through conception around this period. And considering some of the language accompanying the art, it appears it was in development for the Nintendo DS.

Beyond this, it looks like the game has some oddly dark religious themes. In fact, some of the concept art here looks like it would have never been given the green light by Nintendo.


For more concept art from both of these projects, click here. Meanwhile, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think of the two canned projects.

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