Facebook Unintentionally Reveals Oculus Quest 2

On Wednesday, Facebook is expected to officially unveil the Oculus Quest 2, following an unintentional leak on the company's blueprint website. It appears that the information has since been taken down, but the site included full specs for the headset, as well as a pair of promotional videos showcasing the hardware. According to the leaked material, the headset is a smaller version of the Oculus Quest, with greater resolution, and a faster CPU. It will be compatible with Oculus Link, and all previously released Oculus Quest games. The new hardware can be seen in the video at the top of this post.

According to the blue prints, Oculus Quest 2's resolution will be about 50% stronger for each eye, and the hardware will boast a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor. Oculus Quest 2 will support full hand-tracking for some games, as well. Two models are expected to be offered, including a 256GB version. One of the bigger complaints about VR hardware is the heft of the equipment, and it appears that the Oculus Quest 2 will be significantly lighter than its predecessor. For those that have been ambivalent about trying VR in the past, this could make it a much more appealing option, as a result!

It will be interesting to see the reception to Oculus 2. Last month, Facebook announced that new Oculus users would have to have a Facebook account to log in, starting in October. Existing users are grandfathered in through January 2023, but many Oculus users are unhappy with the new requirement. Following the announcement, many users said that they planned on looking into alternative VR options. Whether or not the Oculus Quest 2 will convince those same users to stay with the platform remains to be seen!

With all of this information revealed, it seems that the only thing Facebook did not include are details on the release date or a price point for the Oculus Quest 2! That information could come during the official unveiling, which is expected to take place on Wednesday during the Facebook Connect event. Of course, with details about the equipment now available to the general public, it's entirely possible that Facebook could opt for an official debut even sooner!

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