Pathfinder 2E Advanced Player's Guide Preview Reveals Redesigned Dhampir

A preview of Paizo's Advanced Player's Guide provided a first look at the dhampir, one of several new playable ancestral heritages coming to Pathfinder 2E this summer. Earlier this week, Game Trade Magazine published its Spring 2020 issue, showing off several new board games and other upcoming gaming products. One of the magazine's features was about Pathfinder's upcoming Advanced Player's Guide, which serves as the first major expansion for the popular tabletop roleplaying game since it released its Second Edition set of rules last year. While we already knew about the four new classes featured in the Advanced Player's Guide, Game Trade Magazine revealed some new details about the dhampir, one of at least five new playable ancestry heritages featured in the book.

Dhampirs are the still-living spawn of vampires and have traditionally straddled the line between life and undeath. Pathfinder 2E notes that while dhampir have the same pale complexion and long incisors as their vampire progenitors, they are living creatures that have a lifespan similar to that of an elf. Unlike normal ancestry options in Pathfinder 2E (such as humans, elves, or dwarves), ancestral heritages can be added to any character, regardless of their default ancestral option. Thus, a player can be an elf dhampir, or a human dhampir, or even a kobold dhampir, thus providing maximum customization options for character builds.

If a player chooses the dhampir ancestral heritage for their Pathfinder 2E character, they can pick from several feats, including ones that grant darkvision, give players a natural bite attack, or speak to bats, wolves, and other creatures of the night. As a dhampir levels up, they can also transform into a bat, enthrall people, or even cast certain spells innate to vampires like obscuring mist. As with other Pathfinder 2E ancestral options, most dhampir have multiple traits to choose from, so players can pick and choose their dhampir's abilities to give it a unique look.

Other playable ancestral heritage options that will appear in Paizo's Advanced Player's Guide includes changelings (which are depicting as the offspring of hags), aasimar, tieflings, and duskwalkers, the offspring of psychopomps. The Advanced Player's Guide will also include the new Investigator, Oracle, Swashbuckler, and Witch classes, several new standard ancestral heritage options, and new archetypes like the Beastmaster that can be added to any existing class.

You can check out the full dhampir preview in the pages of the newest Game Trade Magazine, which is available for free online. Pathfinder's Advanced Player's Guide will be released in June 2020.

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