Persona 5 Vanishing Soon From PS5 Collection

Sony has announced that Persona 5, the beloved RPG from developer Atlus that released in 2017, will soon be vanishing from a library of games that is available to PlayStation 5 owners. When the PS5 released back in 2020, Sony announced a new initiative known as the PlayStation Plus Collection. This service contained a number of the most popular games from PlayStation 4 that PS Plus subscribers could freely access if they owned a PS5. Up until this point, the PS Plus Collection hasn't seen games that are part of the library leave, but this will soon be changing with Persona 5.

PlayStation announced today alongside the reveal of April 2022's PS Plus titles that Persona 5 will be leaving the PS Plus Collection later this spring on May 11th. The reason for this decision wasn't given by PlayStation, but as mentioned, this is the first time that we have seen a game depart from the PS Plus Collection for any reason whatsoever. 

The only silver lining here is that, much like any other game that has landed on PlayStation Plus in the past, those who add Persona 5 to their own library will still be able to play it in perpetuity once it has left the Collection. So while after May 11th, those who have previously not added the game to their collection will be out of luck, anyone who has redeemed the game before this time will still have access to it.

At this point in time, it remains to be seen if Sony ends up adding any new games to the PS Plus Collection as a way of making up for this departure. In fact, it would almost be funny to see Persona 5 Royal, which is the expanded version of P5 that was released in 2020, come to the service in its place. Obviously, nothing like this has been confirmed by either Atlus or PlayStation just yet, but it's something to keep an eye on in the future. 

How do you feel about Persona 5 being removed from the PS Plus Collection like this? Is this something that you hope doesn't become a trend? Let me know either down in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.