PewDiePie Trends on Twitter After Video With Wife Goes Viral

PewDiePie has been trending on Twitter this morning, but it's not because something bad has happened to the YouTuber or because he did something noteworthy or controversial. Rather, he's been trending due to a wholesome video starring him and his wife Marzia that quickly went viral. And of course, once PewDiePie began to trend on the social media platform, everyone rushed to see why he was trending, in some cases, fearing for the worst. This created confusion and panic, which only grew the trend. And that's how we get to this point.

Since 2019, PewDiePie has been married to his long-time girlfriend Marzia, and as you would expect, fans of the YouTuber are obessed with their realtionship, which is kept fairly private, but does surface online on occasion. And this morning was one of these occasions.

It's unclear how new the video below is or where it's pulled from, but a fan of the YouTuber shared a video showing PewDiePie vaccuming whilst Marzia stands on his feet, wrapped around him, which of course makes the chore quite difficult.

As noted, many had no clue about this video when they spotted PewDiePie trending and some still have no clue why he's trending. As a result, the trend is littered with concerned fans, many of which thought something had gone wrong. Thankfully, this isn't the case.


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