Phasmophobia Possessions Update Gets Release Date

Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games has revealed that the game's new Cursed Possessions update is nearly upon us. The update will drop Friday, December 10th, but a release time is currently unknown. The update was teased by the team last month, and the game's Trello page has now been updated with all that players can expect to see. Apparently, this new update will offer new cursed possessions, including a Music Box, Tarot Cards, and the previously revealed Voodoo Doll and Summoning Circle. Players can also look forward to new Ouija Board questions, as well as some changes to the game's ghosts.

"We'll be updating some of the ghost types that don't feel unique enough, as well as ones that are really hard to identify on Nightmare difficulty," the game's Trello page reads.

Phasmophobia fans should be happy to hear that the developers are working to make the ghosts feel more distinctive from one another. That should make for a more enjoyable experience overall. It will be interesting to see how these cursed possessions work in the game, but it's not hard to imagine how it might add an extra layer of creepiness. Kinetic Games lists this as a "minor update," so players shouldn't go in expecting anything on the same level as the Nightmare update, but hopefully it will still prove to be an enjoyable one!

Released in early access last year, Phasmophobia quickly found a passionate audience. The horror game's co-op gameplay made it a compelling option on Twitch, which helped it reach more players. Over the last year, Kinetic Games has added a steady stream of new locations and ghosts to keep players coming back, as well as a single-player mode for those that prefer to hunt ghosts solo. The game can be played in VR, but it isn't a requirement.

Phasmophobia is currently available on PC via Steam. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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