Phasmophobia Developer Comments on Possible PvP Mode

Phasmophobia’s developer comments on a possible PvP mode. Kinetic Games ended up mentioning the popular idea on a Trello board and fans got excited. But, in an interview with IGN, the person known as Dknighter shot down the idea. It’s hard enough working on a game as a single developer, so adding so much to the game doesn’t seem feasible at the moment. But, there are some other improvements planned for Phasmophobia. Fans have really embraced the game, and as always, are eager for more content. Interest has steadily grown since it hit Early Acces, and that means there are expectations now. Dknighter admits that this is all kind of new. “I was originally planning the Early Access to be short”, they explained, “where I just add a few more maps, ghost types, and equipment. However, due to the game’s popularity, everyone's expectations are increased so I am going to have to reconsider my plans for the game’s future.”

Continuing on, they said, “The second PvP mode was added to the Trello to see what everyone's reactions would be. Right now I have no plans to add another game mode, as it would turn the game into something completely different, and push the game away from what I want it to be. I want the game to remain 4 players vs. 1 AI, and balance the game, then add new features around that style of gameplay.”

“At the moment my only focus is getting the major bugs fixed before I begin working on new content. These bug fixes would usually be sent out when they are ready but, due to me having to update a lot of the game’s code, a lot of new systems need testing, so the next update will be a big stability and bug fix update. After these bugs are fixed the new content will likely get bundled together in big updates. All new updates can be played on the beta version of the game, which everyone can access through Steam,” they admitted.

Regardless, the studio has a bonafide hit on its hands. Now, the only question left is how far Phasmophobia can go.

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