PlayStation 5: 360-Degree Views of the DualSense and Other Accessories Revealed

Sony's PlayStation site has now been updated to show off new looks at the DualSense controller and other PlayStation 5 accessories. We've seen these in the past through trailers and hands-on presentations showcasing the different products and their features, but this latest update allows for users to examine them at every angle and view a better breakdown of what makes them different from the PlayStation 4 accessories. No prices have yet been listed on the site, but any update for the PlayStation site is a positive one since it brings us a bit closer to knowing everything about the PlayStation 5.

To see the controller for yourself, you can head to the PlayStation site where you'll find the DualSense presented first as the new peripheral PlayStation 5 owners will be using with their new consoles. This update follows recent news about what would be compatible with the next-gen console which informed everyone that you'll need a DualSense to play PlayStation 5 games since they won't work with the current DualShock controller.

Aside from the DualSense controller, some other PlayStation 5 accessories are listed on the site now with similar 360-degree perspectives offered. The Pulse 3D headset, the media remote for the PlayStation 5, and the HD camera offered alongside the console are all found there. There are again no prices listed nor is there any information about getting your hands on any of the devices, but each page offers a breakdown of their features if you've missed the reveal of one of them.

It was reported recently that some PlayStation news should supposedly be dropping some time this month. The PlayStation site of course could've been updated at any time, but now that it's been updated shortly after those reports began circulating, it's easy to imagine the sites are being updated in preparation for whatever is to come. Pricing info is of course the question that's been on everyone's mind when it comes to the PlayStation 5, but neither Sony nor Microsoft have made the first move in revealing their pricing plans.

We know for a fact there's a new State of Play from PlayStation happening this month, but don't expect to see any hardware news from that event. Sony has already confirmed it'll be about games, not hardware, and it'll offer new and follow-up looks at unreleased games.


Sony's PlayStation 5 and its accessories are scheduled to launch some time during Holiday 2020.