PlayStation Plus February Free Games Leak Was Supposedly Faked

A PlayStation Plus leak that supposedly revealed the subscription’s free games for February has [...]

A PlayStation Plus leak that supposedly revealed the subscription's free games for February has now been dubbed a fake by the leak's creator.

The lineup was believable enough with several popular games included and a PlayStation 4 logo in the corner like most official images have, but with the leak now said to be false, the question of what games February will hold still remains. Dark Souls II, Far Cry 4, and That's You! headlined the free games for next month, so while the false leak may be disappointing for those who were excited about those games, it does leave some exciting room for speculation about what the real lineup is.

Over on Reddit, a user created a post explaining that he was the creator of the faked image seen here that seemed believable enough when it was first discovered. The user, George Awad, explained in a follow-up comment that he had created the image as a joke to be shared on Facebook and never intended for it to blow up the way that it did.

PlayStation Plus February Games Leak
(Photo: Reddit)

"Hi my name is George Awad I'm the creator of the image thats been going around like wildfire and to prove it I'll provide this image where I moved a few thing around," a user under the account name of Phoenix_Gaming1 said. "I made this as a joke on facebook and someone put this on reddit and it spred like wildfire my intent was to just have fun and fool a few people on facebook but now this has gone way out of hand and I have seen quite a few comment on articals where people actually think this is real and I'm worried that people will look at an artical and not read it and just see the image and get exited thinking it's real."

The poster included an image of Photoshop shown above that depicted various game's images being moved around while the false leak was being created. Of course, creating this image and using it as proof is just as questionable evidence as a leaked lineup of games itself, so the free games for February will only be truly confirmed when PlayStation reveals the official lineup.