PlayStation Players Divided Over New Free Game

PlayStation players are divided over a new free game, or more specifically, one of September's free PlayStation Plus games all subscribers on PS4 and PS5 can download as of this week. If you haven't checked out or downloaded the month's free games, they include the following trio of titles: Overcooked, Hitman 2, and Predator: Hunting Grounds. As you would expect, there's zero division over Hitman 2, with everyone loving its inclusion. And the same goes for the equally popular Overcooked, though some aren't pleased that it's locked behind the PS5. On the other hand, Predator Hunting Grounds has subscribers divided, at least over on the PlayStation Plus Reddit page where all chatter about this month's free games is divided into two threads: one for positivity and one for negativity.

"It's crazy how bad every Predator and Alien game has been for the past 20 years besides alien isolation," reads one top comment. "Just slap the Alien or Predator name on it and mail it in." Beyond this, many were shorter in their criticism and held nothing back, labeling the game as "trash."

Of course, these were comments in the criticism thread. Over in the praise thread, players were nowhere near as harsh, however, most of the praise was reserved for Hitman 2, and what praise Predator: Hunting Grounds did receive wasn't exactly gushing. 

"Tried Predator for a bit and the best thing I can say is that the team behind this clearly had some passion going in," reads one comment. "Unfortunately, they just didn't have enough resources at their disposal to make the most polished game but it's fun to drop in and out of it you can overlook its flaws

As you can see, while Predator: Hunting Grounds is creating division among PlayStation Plus subscribers, there are far more in the negative camp than the positive camp. That said, an abundance of positivity about Hitman 2 ensures that the balance between positive and negative discourse about the lineup as a whole is far more even.


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