PlayStation Plus Free Games for September Include Secret Freebie

For the month of September, PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4 and PS5 are getting the following free games: Overcooked: All You Can Eat, Hitman 2, and Predator: Hunting Grounds. It's a pretty middling month, or at least that's the reaction of most PS Plus subscribers suggest. That said, none of this is news. We already knew this. What we didn't know is this month's offering comes with an additional, secret freebie. 

As Hitman 2 developers IO Interactive notes over on Twitter, PlayStation Plus subscribers can play "Hitman 2 through Hitman 3 with all its benefits." To do this, they first need to claim Hitman 2 via PS Plus. From here, download the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack and then download the Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 2 Standard. Do this, and you can play Hitman 2 through Hitman 3

Of course, this isn't much, but it's more than what PlayStation Plus subscribers usually get. Why PlayStation Plus didn't advertise this alongside the lineup is unclear, but IO Interactive has been. This is to say, this isn't some type of loophole that should be avoided. In fact, IO Interactive is probably hoping this leads players to buy Hitman 3, which just came out at the start of the year.

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