New PS5 Stock Teased by Ant Online

Ant Online has confirmed it will have new PS5 stock soon. Taking to Twitter, the retailer comforted PlayStation fans that missed out on Monday's stock by confirming that there will be "multiple opportunities to purchase" more stock "over the next few weeks." Unfortunately, this is all the retailer reveals. Precise timing for these rounds of restocks have not been announced and it's currently unclear how many rounds there will be or limited stock will be each time. The language in the tweet seemingly confirms there will be multiple opportunities, but that won't mean much if stock is incredibly limited.

What's also unclear is if PS5 hopefuls will be alerted ahead of time about when orders will go live or if they will be shadow-dropped. Retailers have made use of both types of drops so far.

"Hello Gamers! If you were unable to secure an order on Monday for the PS5, please know we will have multiple opportunities to purchase over the next few weeks," said the retailer. "Stay tuned and keep following!"

In addition to PS5, the retailer also says it will have more Xbox Series X stock within a week, but just like with the PS5 restock, the retailer is withholding the finer and salient details.


Lastly, the retailer doesn't specify whether stock will be limited to bundles. The past couple of weeks, many retailers have been turning their very limited stock into bundles, forcing those who want a console to splash extra cash for the various add-ons, which are usually games, controllers, or PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

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