PS5 Firmware Update Adding Big Feature Missing at Launch

When the PS5 released earlier this month, it did so missing quite a few features. One of these features, according to Sony, is coming in a future update. While the PlayStation makers don't provide a specific ETA, they have confirmed via the PlayStation Blog that Variable Refresh Rate support is coming to the PS5 with a future firmware update. Right now, the PS5 supports VRR through HDMI. After the update, PS5 owners will also be able to utilize VRR via VRR compatible televisions.

Adding to this, PlayStation notes that this feature will only be available with games that support VRR, which is an odd, and slightly worrying disclaimer, but likely won't be an issue. After all, let's not forget Sony once said PS5 will be compatible with over 100 PS4 games when it really meant it will be compatible with every PS4 bar about a dozen.

As noted, while Sony notes this feature is coming in a future update, it doesn't specify what update this will be or when this update will hit. Hypothetically, it could be the console's next update. However, a "future update" means it could also be multiple updates and months from now.

If Sony provides any more specifics on the feature and when it will release, we will be sure to update this story with whatever is provided, but at this point, this looks like all of the information we are getting.


For those that don't know: VRR more or less makes frames smother and removes tear. More specifically, it's a term for a dynamic display refresh rate that can continuously and seamlessly vary on the fly. If you have a TV with a good variable refresh rate range, it does make a very noticeable impact with certain games, which is why so many players were bummed to see the feature missing at launch.

The PS5 is available for $400 and $500, depending on if you want a disc-drive with your new next-gen system. For more coverage on the console, click here or peep the links below: