PlayStation Plus Getting Massive Black Friday Discount

Sony has announced that it will be drastically marking down its PlayStation Plus subscription service to coincide with Black Friday. Typically, around this time each year, Sony and various retailers drop the price of PS Plus by a substantial amount, which always makes it a good time for customers to re-up their subscriptions. Once again, this trend will be continuing in 2022 and is set to kick off later this week. 

Announced on social media recently, PlayStation's official Twitter account informed fans that PS Plus will soon be on sale for 25% of its normal price. This sale is set to begin at the end of this week on Friday, November 18th, and will extend across all three tiers of the service. When looking at this sale in terms of annual subscriptions, it means that a year of PS Plus Essential will cost $44.99, PS Plus Extra will be $74.99, and PS Plus Premium will go for $89.99. This same 25% off discount will also apply to non-annual subscriptions as well. 

Obviously, the big difference with this PS Plus sale in 2022 is that the Extra and Premium tiers didn't exist in past years. As such, this is the first time that PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium have been discounted in a notable manner since each version of the service arrived back in June 2022. If you've found yourself interested in checking out the extensive library of games that are available across the Extra and Premium, this coming sale could be a good opportunity to do so. And if you're curious about what kind of games are available across each tier, you can see all of the new PS Plus titles that have come to Extra and Premium in November 2022 right here.

Are you going to look to load up on PS Plus for yourself now that it is going on sale? Or is your own membership already locked in for the foreseeable future? Let me know either down in the comments or shoot me a message on social media at @MooreMan12.