PlayStation Boss Teases Potential Return of Free PS5 and PS4 Games

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has teased that the company might be bringing back a service in the future that has previously given fans numerous free games on PS5 and PS4. Specifically, that service has been known as Play at Home, and is something that PlayStation has done on two different occasions as a way of encouraging people to stay inside during the ongoing pandemic. And while there's no guarantee that Play at Home will be coming back, Ryan has said that it's something Sony is once again looking into. 

Speaking to, Ryan was asked about Play at Home and whether or not the promotion is one that PlayStation has considered finished. While not outright giving an answer either way, Ryan said that much of its viability will depend on the shape that the world is in with the pandemic come next year. "Well, it depends if COVID's done. It is one of those things," Ryan explained. "We will see how the world evolves. If lockdown, heaven forbid, if that should continue into 2022 and beyond, who know? We might feel we have to do it again. We'll wait and see."

Speaking more to how successful Play at Home has been in a general sense, Ryan said that the service is one that led to over 60 million games being redeemed by fans around the world. "We did two waves. It struck us as everybody was struggling with the first lockdown, we thought this would be a nice thing to do. We were able to do it and we were very happy with the reaction," Ryan said of Sony's first idea behind implementing Play at Home. "We thought it would be a nice thing to reprise. So we did it again, this time spread over a period of a number of months, and now actually 60 million games have been redeemed as part of that activity."

As Ryan himself said, if Play at Home does end up making a return, we likely won't hear about it coming back until 2022. If such an announcement does end up emerging from PlayStation, though, we'll be sure to let you know here on once it's revealed. 

Would you like to see PlayStation bring back its Play at Home promotion in the future? And if so, what games are you hoping to see incorporated next time around? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.