'Pokemon' Files Trademark for Armored Mewtwo

Nintendo, Game Freak, and the Pokemon Company have filed a trademark for an Armored version of [...]

Nintendo, Game Freak, and the Pokemon Company have filed a trademark for an Armored version of Mewtwo.

The Pokemon Company has a busy year coming up, with the release of a pair of new Pokemon games and two movies, one of which appears to be a CGI remake of the first Pokemon movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back. A new trademark discovered earlier this month has many fans wondering whether we could see a crossover between the games and the movies.

Fans discovered that the Pokemon Company recently filed a trademark for "Armored Mewtwo," a likely reference to parts of the original Pokemon anime in which Mewtwo is wearing armor that serves as a way for Team Rocket to control its powers. We saw Armored Mewtwo in the original Mewtwo Strikes Back movie, so it's not exactly a surprise that The Pokemon Company would bring it back for the CGI remake...and likely use it in upcoming movie merchandise tie-ins.

However, we also reported earlier this week that the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield games are rumored to have "Armored Evolutions," a new type of Evolution that ties into the British flavor (because knights and kings and queens and castles and all that jazz) of the new games. One of the rumored Armored Evolutions was Armored Mewtwo, so many fans are now pointing at the trademark filing as proof that the rumor is legitimate.

It's likely that Armored Mewtwo was trademarked solely for merchandise purposes, as Pokemon didn't trademark previous variant types of Pokemon. For example, The Pokemon Company didn't file a trademark on Mega Mewtwo X or Y, and the only Alolan Pokemon they filed a trademark for was Alolan Vulpix, as it was used as a mascot for a Japanese festival. However, the rumor is still extremely intriguing and could point to some interesting times for Pokemon fans.


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