Pokemon Cafe ReMix Available Now

The Pokemon Company has released Pokemon Cafe ReMix, a major update to its Pokemon Cafe Mix mobile and Nintendo Switch game. The new update went live earlier today, offering up new game modes, new gimmicks, and new features to make your Pokemon look more fabulous. First announced earlier this year, The Pokemon Company has officially launched its new version of Pokemon Cafe Mix. The new version of the game offers a deeper experience with multiple new modes and easier methods of hiring new Staff Pokemon. The update is free to download on mobile devices or the Nintendo Switch now. 

The game's format has totally shifted, with players now needing to learn how to make certain menu items in order to unlock additional Pokemon who visit the store. Once a Pokemon visits the store, players complete orders and win acorns to build friendships with customer Pokemon and turn them into staff Pokemon. The core puzzle mechanic of the game remains unchanged though, with players linking combos by connecting icons with the Pokemon's faces on them.

Some of the new features include a Past Order Mode, in which players can challenge previous levels they've met, a training mode that allows players to level up their Pokemon more quickly, a Menu Development mode that allows players to design new menu items (dependent on a Pokemon's level), and an Extra Orders mode that brings back old levels from the game. Several modes also come with multiple difficulty tiers. Another big change is that each Pokemon has its own specialty gimmick that can be used to clear away the tricky puzzle gimmicks from a level entirely, provided that you have the right Pokemon equipped as leader.

Overall, it seems like Pokemon Cafe ReMix has received a major content upgrade that gives players a lot more to do while keeping a hold of the cute aesthetic and fun puzzles from its first iteration of the game. You can download Pokemon Cafe ReMix now on the Nintendo Switch or mobile devices via the Apple App and Google Play stores.