Pokemon Go Begins Rollout of Buddy Adventure System

High level Pokemon Go players can now access the game's Buddy Adventure system. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that it was starting its rollout of the new Buddy Adventure feature. As of press time, Level 30 players and above can now use the Buddy Adventure feature. The new system allows players to feed their Buddy Pokemon Berries in the AR+ mode, which in turn makes them appear on the overworld map. Players can build their Buddy Pokemon's affection by feeding it treats, taking snapshots of it, and completing other activities while the Buddy Pokemon appears on the map.

Currently, players can participate in six different activities to raise a Pokemon's affection. Players can walk with their Pokemon while it appears on the overworld map, thus earning three "hearts" worth of affection. Feeding a Pokemon treats when its hungry, playing with the Pokemon in AR mode, battling in gyms, raids, against other trainers, or against other trainers while the Pokemon is on the map, or visiting a new PokeStop or gym will also earn affection.

Pokemon Go also rolled out a new treat - Poffins - which cause a Pokemon to become excited. When a Buddy Pokemon is excited, the distance they need to walk to earn candies will be reduced. Other treats also increase a Pokemon's affection, but Poffins are the most effective.


As a Pokemon's relationship with their trainer grows, they receive certain bonuses, such as the ability to give the trainer presents and Souvenirs, or get a CP boost. These bonuses are only active when the Pokemon is designated as the Buddy Pokemon, so you can't permanently give your Pokemon a boost and then rotate it back into your box.

All Pokemon Go players should gain access to the Buddy Adventure system over the next few days. Keep an eye on Pokemon Go's Twitter account for future announcements.