Pokemon Go Datamine Reveals Multiple New Quality of Life Improvements

It seems Routes and Party Play will be seeing some changes in Pokemon Go.

Over the last year or so, Niantic has been making efforts to get Pokemon Go players spending time outdoors with the game. In this endeavor, the game added both Party Play and Routes, both of which were specifically designed with the intention of building player communities. It appears that both of these features could be seeing some changes in the near future. According to a recent report from Go Hub, datamines have revealed some improvements that will make these features a little bit better in the future. 

Party Play and Route Changes

According to the datamine, Party Play will soon give players the option of sharing an item's effect with the rest of the players in the group. From the description, it appears that if one player in the party uses an item like a Lucky Egg, they can choose to share the effect with everyone else. However, it looks like the other players will only get some of the benefits. A Lucky Egg gives a player double XP when used, so it's possible that some other members of the party might only receive 1.5x the XP. However, that's just speculation on our part. It also appears that there will be a daily limit to the number of items that can be shared by a single player, as well as how many shared benefits a player can receive per day. 

One of the main appeals to Routes is that they're currently the only way for players to get Zygarde's 50% and 100% forms. Players can collect Zygarde cells by walking along Routes that have been created by other players. In the datamine, it reveals that players might soon be able to get a total of three Zygarde cells on a Route. It also appears that players will be able to get rewards for completing just part of a Route, rather than finishing the whole thing. 

When Will These Changes Get Added to Pokemon Go?

While this datamined information appears to be legitimate, readers should remember that none of this is guaranteed to happen until Niantic makes an announcement. Datamines are a great way to learn about new content and features that might get added to games in the future, but sometimes they represent ideas that have been scrapped or changed. Even if Niantic is planning to make these changes to Party Play and Routes, we also have no idea when they might actually get implemented. As such, readers shouldn't get too excited until this information comes from an official source. 

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