Pokemon Go Players Discover Way to Get an Extra Free Raid Pass

Pokemon Go players have discovered a loophole that allows players to get an "extra" free raid pass.

A Redditor recently noted that players can grab an extra raid pass by switching the time zone on their phones to a region on the other side of the International Date Line. You can then spin a gym's photo circle and obtain the next day's free raid pass a few hours early.

Players who use the exploit won't be able to get a free raid pass the next day (unless they switch their phone's time zones again), but this is helpful for players who know they won't be able to raid on a weekday.

Pokemon Go players have used time zone exploits before. Last summer, players discovered they could get unlimited coins from defenders by switching the time zones on their phone. They also figured out a way to get their Daily Bonus a little earlier by changing the times on their phone. Pokemon Go eventually fixed both exploits, so we can expect game developers to close this loophole now that it's out in the public and being publicized.

However, players should still take advantage of the loophole today, as it's the final full day of the game's Legendary Week event. Players can battle Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre in Raid Battles through Monday afternoon. This could be the last chance players have to battle Groudon and Kyogre for the foreseeable future, and the event will also affect which type of eggs players will receive from PokeStops and gyms for the next few weeks.


If players defeat Rayquaza more than Groudon and Kyogre combined, Pokemon Go will distribute more eggs containing Pokemon that like windy weather between March 5th and March 16th. If players defeat Groudon and Kyogre more than Rayquaza, Pokemon Go will instead distribute more eggs containing Pokemon that like sunny and rainy weather. As of Friday evening, Rayquaza had a narrow lead over Groudon and Kyogre....although that might have changed over the last 24 or so hours.

Players should use the exploit while they can - it will likely get patched in a future game update.