Pokemon Go Reveals New Friendship Day Details

Pokemon Go has provided some additional information about its upcoming Friendship Day event. The upcoming mini-event will take place on Saturday, April 24th from 11 AM to 2 PM, and will give players the opportunity to earn a lot of XP and trade Pokemon with friends. In a recent blog post, Pokemon Go noted that Friendship Day will be a new kind of event similar to Community Day, with the potential of more Friendship Days taking place in the future. For the first Friendship Day in April, the event will focus on Grass-type Pokemon, with various Grass-type Pokemon appearing more often in the wild.

The event will come with several perks and bonuses, including the chance to earn up to 160,000 XP by completing various quests. Players who complete the event's Collection Challenge will earn 100,000 XP, while three Hourly Challenges can be completed to earn 20,000 XP per quest.

Additionally, the trade distance during the event will be increased to 40 KM. Players who trade with friends will also have an increased chance of receiving a Lucky Pokemon.

Finally, the event will feature several bonuses, including a 3x Catch XP bonus, and increased activation for lures and incense. All Lures and Incense activated during the event will last for three hours.


The new event is one of several upcoming events planned for the remainder of the month. A Rivals Week event featuring several new Pokemon will start this Tuesday, and Pokemon Go also has plans for a Sustainability Week involving various garbage-themed Pokemon. A regional event featuring Summer Style Pikachu also kicked off over the weekend. There are also more big plans on the way, including the addition of Poke Stop routes, the ability to power up Poke Stops, and even some new possible costumed Pokemon.