New Pokemon Discovered in Pokemon Go's Code

Pokemon Go could be adding some new Pokemon in the not so distant future. Niantic Labs quietly [...]

Pokemon Go
could be adding some new Pokemon in the not so distant future. Niantic Labs quietly submitted a new update to the Apple and Google App Stores on Monday, and dataminers have discovered lines of code related to over 120 new Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire.

These "Gen 3" Pokemon include powerful Pokemon like Groudon, Metagross, and Salamance, as well as fan favorites like Torchic and Sceptile.

Before fans get too excited, these are just beginning lines of text in the game's code. There's no image assets or any GAME_MASTER updates providing stats or other information for the new Pokemon. It took Pokemon Go nearly four months to add Gen 2 Pokemon to the game after dataminers first discovered similar text in a new update back in 2016. If we're sticking to that timeline, we could be looking at a December 2017 - January 2018 release date for the new Pokemon.

However, the timing does make sense for Pokemon Go. With Legendary Pokemon now available in game and regional exclusive Pokemon more available thanks to various live events, many players are starting to run out of Pokemon they haven't caught yet. Not only would the Gen 3 Pokemon add a ton of new Pokemon to the game, it would also significantly bolster competitive play, as there's a lot more top level attackers and defenders in Gen 3 than in Gen 2.

Still, it's a bit surprising that Pokemon Go could be pulling the trigger on Gen 3 Pokemon before other features like trading or PvP battles. We know that Pokemon Go developers have been working on both those features, but we haven't seen much progress or talk since the big gym update earlier this summer.

There's a few more surprises in the upcoming update, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for more Pokemon Go news and information.