The Best 'Gen 5' Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is adding some new Pokemon to the game next week, and some of them will be among the best Pokemon in the game. On Monday, Pokemon Go will begin adding Pokemon originally seen in Pokemon Black and White. While the rollout is expected to take several months, Pokemon Go players already know the movesets and stats for all the new Pokemon thanks to an update to the "Game Master" file, which provides hard data to the Pokemon Go app. As expected, several of the new Pokemon will become the most powerful Pokemon of their respective type, causing a major shake-up to which Pokemon players will want to use in raids and gyms.

Perhaps the biggest shake-up is that most of the game's current Fire-type Pokemon will become obsolete once all of the "Gen 5" Pokemon to the game. Reshiram, Chandelure, and Volcarona will all have stats and movesets better than Moltres and Entei, making them the top Fire-type Pokemon in the game. Additionally, Volcarona can also be used as a Bug-type Attacker, although you'll need 400 candies to evolve Larvesta into this powerful Fire/Bug-type Pokemon.

Other big changes include Conkeldurr becoming the top Fighting-type Pokemon in the game, Hydreigon and Zoroark becoming the top Dark-type Pokemon, and Zekrom becoming the top Electric-type Pokemon in the game. Legendary Pokemon Terrakion and Landorus will overtake Tyranitar as the best Rock-type attacker, Landorus and Excadrill will become the best Ground-type Pokemon over Groudon. Also, Black Kyurem will become the best Dragon-type Pokemon in the game, although that will be dependent on how the Pokemon gets added since it's technically a merger of two Pokemon.

We'll have continued coverage of all the big changes to Pokemon Go in the coming weeks. Expect to see the first new Pokemon appear in Pokemon Go on Monday.