Pokemon Go to Add New Costumed Pokemon for the Holidays

Pokemon Go has announced a full slate of events for the remainder of the year, including a Holiday event that includes a Stantler wearing bells. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced a new Holiday event, a Special Raid Weekend, a special Winter Weekend Event, and some new Legendary Raid Bosses to end the year. The biggest announcement was its annual Holiday Event, which will run from December 24th through January 1, 2020. During the event, players can catch new costumed versions of the Pikachu evolutionary line as well as bell-wearing Stantler. Additionally, the Ice-type Pokemon Cubchoo, Beartic, and Cryogonal will all make their first appearances in Pokemon Go during the event. Cubchoo can be found in the wild, while Crygonal will appear near Glacial Lures. Additionally, players can also rescue new Shadow Pokemon like Delibird and possibly encounter Shiny Stantler and Shiny Snover in the wild.

Pokemon Go also announced a new Special Raid Weekend, featuring Lugia and Ho-Oh, which will take place from December 20 through December 23. Players can also participate in a special Winter Weekend event on December 28 that will let players enjoy two hour Glacial Lure times, and face off against Regice in raids. In Eevee evolved into Glaceon during the event will also learn the move Last Resort. Pokemon Go will also add Virizion as a new Raid Boss beginning on December 17th.

Finally, several year end bonuses will be made available to all players beginning on December 24th. Players can open up to 40 Gifts during the Holiday event, carry twice as many gifts, and get a Single Use Incubator each day by spinning a Photo Disc at a PokeStop. Players can also benefit from double catch candy and transfer candy on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and benefit from other bonuses like double catch Stardust, double Catch XP, or half hatch distances for eggs during select times during the Holiday Event.


Pokemon Go will also have its final Community Day of the year this weekend, which will feature all of the Pokemon featured in Community Days during 2019. The Community Day event will take place this Friday and Saturday.