Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home Connectivity Extended to Level 30 Players

This week finally saw Pokemon Go connectivity added to Pokemon Home, but the option was only initially available to players at Level 40 in Pokemon Go. Niantic has been slowly pulling that number back, allowing more players the opportunity to move their creatures over to Pokemon Home. Now, players at Level 30 and above will be able to transfer their Pokemon, provided that they make sure that Pokemon Go is registered to their Nintendo account. The overall process takes a few steps to set-up, and a complete breakdown on how to transfer Pokemon from Go to Home can be found right here.

The Tweet announcing the change can be found embedded below.

The ability to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home has been long-requested by fans. While players previously had the ability to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to the Pokemon: Let's Go games on Nintendo Switch, this was limited to the original 151 Pokemon, their Alolan forms, Meltan, and Melmetal. Now, players at Level 30 and above will be able to bring just about every Pokemon available in Pokemon Go over to Pokemon Home, with some exceptions made for event Pokemon.

With nearly 900 Pokemon in total, catching every single Pokemon has never been a more difficult task for newcomers and longtime fans alike. The addition of Pokemon Go compatibility with Pokemon Home makes it slightly easier to accomplish, and it creates an even stronger tie between the mobile game and main series titles like Pokemon Sword and Shield. Pokemon Go has been one of the biggest successes for the brand since its debut in 2016, so it's not surprising to see The Pokemon Company looking for ways to further tie the mobile game to the console titles.

It will likely be just a matter of time before Niantic rolls out the option to transfer Pokemon from Go to Home to players of all levels in the mobile game. For now, those that haven't reached Level 30 will just have to wait patiently... or start grinding!


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