Pokemon Go Players Cause Railway Delays in Japan

Pokemon Go players inadvertently caused some headaches for a Japanese railway line.

Around 2:50 PM JT yesterday, police responded to reports of 10 or more Pokemon Go players walking the railway lines at JR Inbi Line in Tottori. While police couldn't find the perpetrators, the players still caused five trains to be delayed to ensure they wouldn't be hit, which affected nearly 1,000 passengers.

So, why were Pokemon Go players even risking their lives on the railway lines? Well, Tottori is hosting a special Safari Zone event, which features tons of rare Pokemon, including many that don't usually appear in Japan. It's believed that the players were trying to catch some extra Pokemon, while avoiding the large crowds at the Safari Zone event.

Pokemon Go players are out in force this weekend to celebrate beating the game's first ever Global Catch Challenge. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go challenged players to catch 3 billion Pokemon, with several bonuses and rewards up for grabs for passing certain milestones. Players currently can earn double XP and double stardust during the event, along with a chance to catch Farfetch'd, a Pokemon that usually only appears in East Asia and Japan.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Pokemon Go players have caused problems for public officials. There have been numerous reports of players trespassing or entering public areas after dark, which led to Pokemon Go restricting when Pokemon spawn in certain areas.