Norwegian Prime Minister Plays Pokemon Go Before Meeting With Trump

The Norwegian Prime Minister found a unique way of relaxing before her joint press conference with US president Donald Trump.

Shortly before her meeting with the US president today, Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg pulled out her phone to play some Pokemon Go. The Norwegian outlet Dagbladet reported that Solberg found some time to play the popular mobile game after meeting with several Norwegian news outlets shortly before a lengthy joint press conference with Donald Trump.

When asked if it was a way to "unplug" after a busy way, Solberg instead claimed that she was using the game to send a message with Pokemon to her family back in Norway.

An accompanying photo shows her checking out a Pokemon Gym between meetings, so we're guessing that she wanted to place one of her Pokemon in the White House to plant a figurative Norwegian flag in the heart of the United States.

Solberg is an enthusiastic Pokemon Go player and has been "caught" playing the game during government meetings in the past. Solberg was seen playing Pokemon Go during a debate in parliament back in 2016 and even took some time to hatch some 10 KM eggs during an official visit to Slovakia.

Solberg was previously addicted to a different mobile game before Pokemon Go came out. Solberg was previously an avid Candy Crush player and even reached Level 300 (a feat that made headlines in Norway.)

Unfortunately, the Norwegian press failed to ask Solberg whether she caught any special Pokemon during her trip to the United States. After all, Tauros, Seviper, and Plusle all aren't available in Norway, so we hope she got a chance to find at least one of these Pokemon before returning home.