Pokemon Go Launches Referral Program

Pokemon Go will reward players who get their friends to play the game. Niantic announced a new [...]

Pokemon Go will reward players who get their friends to play the game. Niantic announced a new referral program that will reward players with premium items if they can convince their friends to start playing the game. The referral program will launch in Australia in the near future and will involve referral codes that players can give to their friends. Players who either start playing Pokemon Go or return to Pokemon Go after a lengthy absence will be rewarded with Pokemon encounters, Rare Candies, incubators and other items when the hit certain milestones. The referring player will also be rewarded for when players hit those milestones. Additional information about the referral program is expected soon.

While Pokemon Go doesn't command the player base it during its launch 5 years ago, the game still has a sizable group of players who play the game daily. The game launched to record-breaking numbers in July 2016 and remains one of the most played mobile games in the world. Pokemon Go has changed significantly over the past five years, with tons of new features added since launch, so now might be a good time for lapsed players to join the game. While the core catch mechanics and collecting items from gyms and PokeStops remain the same, just about every other part of the game has significantly changed. The game also has hundreds more Pokemon than it did at launch, including the addition of Legendary and Mythical Pokemon.

Players who are already enjoying Pokemon Go have plenty of upcoming events to look forward to. The game is currently in the middle of its Season of Legends, and is about to introduce new forms of Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. More events are also on the way, including a Charge Up event featuring new Electric-type Pokemon. The game's current event, a "Searching for Legends" event focused on Nosepass, is currently underway.