Pokemon Go Fans Celebrate the End of the Flower Crown Eevee Nightmare

Pokemon Go's most disappointing Research Breakthrough reward is officially over. Yesterday, Pokemon Go announced that they had switched out the Flower Crown Eevee encounter as a reward for completing a Research Breakthrough and for five Legendary Pokemon, which will be available through the end of the year. While all five Pokemon (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Groudon, and Kyogre) have appeared as Research Breakthrough rewards before, the concensus is that the Legendary Pokemon are much better than the costumed Eevee that had plagued fans for two months. Players can check out the official announcement below:

Players earn Research Breakthrough rewards for completing Field Research quests on seven different days. While Flower Crown Eevee wasn't the first time that Pokemon Go had placed a non-Legendary Pokemon as the Research Breakthrough's main reward, players seemed to universally dislike the Pokemon. There were several issues with Flower Crown Eevee - Eevee couldn't be found in the wild during September and October, most players already had Flower Crown Eevee from earlier in the year, and the reward offered no variety for a two month period, unlike other Research Breakthrough prizes.

Players will have two months to stockpile these Research Breakthrough rewards, as they'll last until January 1st. It remains to be seen if we'll start getting some "Gen 4" Pokemon added to Research Breakthrough rewards in 2020, or if Pokemon Go will keep using older Legendary Pokemon. Let's just hope that they don't bring back any more Flower Crown Eevee.