Pokemon Go Announces February Community Day Pokemon

Pokemon Go's February Community Day Pokemon comes with an extra twist. Today, Pokemon Go announced that Roselia will be the featured Pokemon of February's Community Day. Community Day is a monthly 6-hour event in which one specific Pokemon appears in greater quantities in the wild and has a special move that they learn when thy evolve. Roselia that evolve into Roserade during the event will automatically know two moves - the fast attack Bullet Seed and the charged attack Weather Ball (Fire-type). This marks the first time that a Pokemon will learn two moves during a Community Day event. Roselia's Community Day will be the second of the year, following Machop's in January.

Sadly, while Roserade is a strong Grass-type Pokemon, the Pokemon struggles in PvP, so the Pokemon's best usage is as a gym attacker or for raids. Even with Bullet Seed and Weather Ball, there's little chance that Roserade will suddenly make an appearance on any relevant PvP team in any league.

As with other Pokemon Go Community Day events, the Roselia Community Day will feature an increased chance of finding a Shiny Roselia. Additionally, new Timed Research will be available, with Sinnoh Stone rewards. Players need Sinnoh Stones to evolve Roselia into Roserade. Budew (the Baby Pokemon pre-evolved form of Roselia) will also hatch from 2 KM eggs during the event.

Interestingly, during the announcement, Pokemon Go briefly acknowledged complaints about recent Community Day Pokemon choices. While Community Day started off as a way to get Starter Pokemon and rare Pokemon, recent Community Day choices have centered around more common Pokemon like Machop or Weedle. Pokemon Go indicated that more announcements about the featured Pokemon during Community Day will be coming soon, but took down the note soon after.

In addition to the Community Day event, Pokemon Go players can also look forward to a series of regional celebration events throughout the month of January. The Sinnoh Celebration event is currently underway, and a Hoenn Celebration event was announced for next week. Those events are all leading up to the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto ticketed event, which will offer players with a chance to capture Shiny versions of all 151 Pokemon.