Pokemon Go Fest: How to Get Shadow Mewtwo

shadow mewtwo
(Photo: Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go players have the opportunity to encounter and catch Shadow Mewtwo as a part of today's Pokemon Go Fest festivities. Today is the second day of Pokemon Go Fest, a global in-game event featuring boosted spawns and exclusive bonuses and features for players who purchased a ticket for the in-game event. Today's activities including pushing back a Team Rocket takeover, with battles against Giovanni and the Team Rocket Admins. As players battle their way through Team Rocket Grunts and leaders, they'll have the chance to encounter a Shadow Mewtwo - a new "corrupted" version of the powerful and popular Psychic-type Pokemon.

Players who purchase a ticket for today's event will have the opportunity to get Shadow Mewtwo as part of completing today's Special Research challenge. Shadow Mewtwo comes as a reward for completing the "Defeat Go Team Rocket Boss Giovanni" task, which appears in the fourth stage of today's Special Research. All you need to do is beat Giovanni and then tap on the completed task to earn a chance to capture Shadow Mewtwo.

While Giovanni himself will use Shadow Mewtwo, you won't be able to capture this powerful Legendary Pokemon under normal circumstances. Beating Giovanni during today's festivities will earn you an encounter with Shadow Persian. The only way you'll actually be able to capture Shadow Mewtwo is by completing the Special Research quest....which is only obtainable if you have a ticket.

Completing the fourth stage of today's Special Research also gets players a Victini encounter as a reward, so it's important to beat Giovanni, but only after they get to Stage 4 of the Special Research. Other rewards for completing the Special Research includes encounters with Shadow Articuno, Shadow Zapdos, and Shadow Moltres.


Players who participate in today's event can also still benefit in boosted spawns that feature regional exclusive Pokemon like Durant and Heatmor, catch new Pokemon like Wash Rotom, and catch dozens of species of existing Pokemon. Please note that the rotating habitat spawns from yesterday will not appear during today's event.

Today's Pokemon Go Fest will run from 10 AM to 8 PM local time. You can purchase a ticket for the event from Pokemon Go's in-game store.