Pokemon Go: Electabuzz Community Day, How to Get Shiny Electabuzz, and Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go latest Community Day is here, and it features Electabuzz this weekend. It is officially the Electabuzz Community Day for Pokemon Go, the first of two that will take place in November. This is a bit of an unusual Community Day, not just because it's the first of two taking place this month, but also because it's a rare Community Day that focuses on an evolved Pokemon. Like other Community Days, the Electabuzz Community Day offers players an opportunity to catch a ton of Electabuzz, complete Special Research, and even potentially find a Shiny Pokemon. Here's everything you need to know about the Electabuzz Community Day event.

Community Day Start Time:

The Electabuzz Community Day is on November 15th from 11 AM to 5 PM local time.

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(Photo: Niantic)

Rewards and Perks:

The biggest reward players can get is a special Electivire that knows Flamethrower. Any Electabuzz evolved into Electivire during the event will automatically know Flamethrower, a move that Electivire (as an Electric-type Pokemon) can't usually learn. An Electabuzz with Flamethrower gives the Pokemon a move to use against Grass-type Pokemon and Electric-type Pokemon, two types that are resistant against Electric-type attacks.

Players can also complete a special Timed Research quest during the event, along with special Field Research focused on catching Electabuzz. Notably, some of these rewards will give out Sinnoh Stones as rewards, which players need to evolve Electabuzz into Electivire.

Players will also be able to benefit from eggs requiring only one-fourth of their usual distance to hatch, and incense that lasts three hours instead of their usual time. Keep in mind that the eggs must be placed in an incubator after the event starts to qualify for this bonus.


Shiny Electabuzz:

Of course, the biggest draw of the event is that the Shiny Rate for Electabuzz will be boosted, meaning that the event is your best chance of snagging a Shiny Electabuzz. Shiny Electabuzz are orange instead of yellow, and are usually extremely rare. Since players can now transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go into Pokemon Home, tomorrow's event is a great chance to add Electabuzz and Electivire to your wider Shiny collection.