'Pokemon Go' Adds Brand New Berry to Game

Pokemon Go is adding the Silver Pinap Berry as part of its upcoming Celebi Special Research [...]

Pokemon Go is adding the Silver Pinap Berry as part of its upcoming Celebi Special Research update.

The popular mobile game is about to start its second Special Research quest, which gives players a chance to catch the Mythical Pokemon Celebi. Players will be required to catch certain types and species of Pokemon in order to complete research tasks and progress towards the goal of encountering the otherwise unavailable Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Dataminers have discovered that, as part of the Special Research rewards, players will get access to a new type of Berry: the Silver Pinap Berry. This berry will double the number of Candies a Pokemon usually gives out when captured and makes it easier to catch. The berry combines the effects of a Pinap Berries and Razz Berries.

This is the first new Berry added to Pokemon Go since Golden Razz Berries were added last year. Golden Razz Berries are most commonly earned for completing raids.

Players will get the Silver Pinap Berries towards the end of the new Special Research quest. As of right now, we don't know whether Pokemon Go will add the Berries as Raid rewards or if they'll only be limited to the Special Research quests.

The Special Research will also require players to evolve an Eevee into Espeon and Umbreon, use evolution items to evolve certain Pokemon, and earn a Gold Johto medal. Players will also need to add several new friends, marking the first time that the new friendship and trading features is tied to another core part of the game.

To help players with the new quest, Pokemon Go will also have a Johto Festival event, which will begin later today and run for a limited time.

The Celebi Special Research quest will start later today.