Pokemon Go Teases New Team Rocket Features, Other Improvements

Pokemon Go released two posts on its website today, teasing new Team Rocket content and other vague improvements to the game. Earlier today, Pokemon Go posted a "news report" on both its blog and in the in-game news feature detailing new Mysterious Components left behind by Team Rocket Grunts. These Mysterious Components seem to tie into how Team Rocket is taking over PokeStops and serves as a tease for new content involving three Team Rocket Admins and the Team Rocket Boss Giovanni. While Pokemon Go hasn't made any official announcements yet, datamines have revealed that Professor Willow will eventually use the "Mysterious Components" to track down Team Rocket hideouts where players can battle the Team Rocket admins.

The second blogpost made by Pokemon Go was a bit more vague, but it teased improvements to the Pokemon Go experience. The blogpost noted that game developers had been testing out various tweaks and improvements and would eventually roll out changes to all players. These improvements include PokeStops in rural areas giving out more items than PokeStops in dense urban areas and tailoring raid levels to fit the communities where they appear. These could also tie into the recent changes in spawn points, which have left many Pokemon Go players upset about a lack of Pokemon in previously reliable spots.

Pokemon Go obviously has big plans coming up, as they're still rolling out new Team Rocket content and are expanding their PvP battle plans. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go confirmed it was working on an online battle system that would be released later this year. The game is also testing out a new kind of in-game event which requires players to purchase a ticket in order to participate.

Expect more Pokemon Go news in the near future!