Pokemon Go Announces Trapinch for October Community Day

Trapinch will be the focus of October's Community Day mini-event in Pokemon Go. Earlier today, Pokemon Go confirmed that October's Community Day will take place on October 12th and would focus on Trapinch, the Gen 3 Ground-type Pokemon that eventually evolves into Flygon. Community Days are monthly mini-events in which a specific species of Pokemon spawns for a three hour stretch in mass quantities, and players earn various bonuses for participating in the event. For instance, players will earn three times as much XP for catching Pokemon during the Community Day event. Additionally, Pokemon Go has traditionally added the Shiny variant of the Community Day Pokemon and boosted its appearance rate, making it far easier to obtain than usual.

Trapinch might seem like an unconventional choice for a Community Day Pokemon, but Flygon has generated a large fanbase due mostly to its design. Flygon likely won't make much of an impact on the Pokemon Go metagame, even with the addition of a special move, but plenty of players are excited for the possibility of grabbing a Shiny Flygon. Trapinch could also be added as a Raid Boss for the event, or be transformed into a Shadow Pokemon by Team Rocket, similar to past Community Day events. Pokemon Go has also recently added a ton of new Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White to the game, and is teasing the addition of some new Legendary Pokemon. Now is the perfect time to jump into Pokemon Go, even if you haven't played in a while.

As the Northern Hemisphere is entering Autumn, Pokemon Go has shifted its Community Day hours to 11 AM to 2 PM local time. Local Pokemon Go hotspots should be pretty busy during the event, so hopefully you can make some new friends, participate in some raids, and add some Trapinch to your collection.