Pokemon HOME Details Revealed

The Pokemon Company has revealed new details about its Pokemon HOME cloud service. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company provided some new details about Pokemon HOME, its upcoming mobile service that will act as both a permanent storage place for Pokemon and a handy Pokemon informational guide. Today's info drop revealed that Pokemon HOME will be available on both the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The app will have both a premium paid plan that will allow players to hold up to 6,000 Pokemon at once, as well as a Free Plan that allows players to hold up to 30 Pokemon.

Both versions will have access to an updated version of the Global Trade System, an online feature where players can place their Pokemon up for trade and request certain Pokemon in return. The app will also allow for Wonder Trades and the creation of Rooms where up to 20 people can trade with each other. Players can also use the Friend Trade to trade with nearby users.

Pokemon HOME will also have handy features that make it much more than a storage service. The app will also have a National Pokedex, so that players can check their progress on any game the app is connected to. The app also has a built-in IV checker (for Premium users only) and access to the Mystery Gift service so that they can deposit their Mystery Gift Pokemon either in the app or in their Pokemon Sword and Shield games.


Players who purchase a Premium plan subscription can also transfer Pokemon from their Pokemon Bank over to Pokemon HOME, thus allowing them to bring in Pokemon from older games. The Pokemon Company will make the Pokemon Bank service free for one month, so that players can utilize both Pokemon Bank and Pokemon HOME when Pokemon HOME launches. Eventually, players can also transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon HOME, but this won't be immediately available at launch.

Pokemon HOME will launch in February 2020. A yearly subscription will cost $15.99, and monthly and quarterly subscriptions are also available.