The First Pokemon Manga Is Insanely NSFW

The original Pokemon manga was never released outside of Japan and there's a very good reason why.

Almost every Pokemon fan in the United States is familiar with Pokemon Adventures, the long-running manga considered to be the closest depiction of the Pokemon world as the creator's envisioned. Pokemon Adventures is split into huge arcs, each of which loosely adapt a set of the Pokemon games.

However, Pokemon Adventures wasn't the first Pokemon manga. That "honor" belongs to Pokemon Pocket Manga, a gag manga by Kosaku Anakubo. The comic has been in print since 1996 and was published semi-continuously until at least 2016.

Pokemon Pocket Manga stars Red from the original Pokemon Red and Blue series, but with a few key differences from other Pokemon media. For one thing, Red's mascot Pokemon is a Clefairy that speaks Japanese (similar to Meowth in the Pokemon anime), although Pikachu remains a major part of the series. The other big difference is that the comic is insanely vulgar, which is probably why it never got translated into English or other languages.

Take, for instance, this early panel in which Clefairy tries to coach Red on how to catch a Pokemon. When Clefairy tells Red to pull out his Poke Balls, Red instead drops his pants and pulls out a different set of balls. As you can see, Red's scrotum appears to be insanely stretch as he can pull his testicles up to his shoulder.

You can also see another sequence in which Green's Charmander reaches into Red's pants and literally tries to run off with one of Red's balls. This is pretty crazy stuff.

While you're probably trying to comprehend that you just saw the private parts of the first protagonist of the Pokemon game twice, here's a couple panels of Pikachu taking a humongous dump:

Keep in mind, this isn't some unofficial Tijuana Bible - this is an official Pokemon manga licensed and presumably approved by The Pokemon Company. Other panels (which we'll spare you from) shows Clefairy whipping out its dick to pee and farting on Charmander's tail flame to cause an explosion.


The manga's early chapters also featured tons of "fake Pokemon" added to fill out the Pokemon world because Anakubo didn't want to just use the same 150 Pokemon over and over again. It's a very bizarre manga and one that you'll only find mentioned as a strange chapter in Pokemon history.

Can you ever look at the world the same now that you've seen Pikachu's poop and Red's penis? Let us know in the comment section below!