Pokemon Masters Adds Another Sync Pair

Pokemon Masters is adding another 5-Star Sync Pair. Earlier this week, Pokemon Masters announced that Hilbert and Oshawott would be added to the game and be featured in an upcoming Spotlight Scout banner. Hilbert was the male player character from Pokemon Black and White and is notably one of the oldest starting trainer in the game along with Hilda, his female counterpart. Both Hilbert and Hilda have only appeared in Pokemon Black and White, and Hilbert has never appeared in the main anime series. Hilbert made a brief appearance in Pokemon Masters as part of Team Unova, which players faced as the last team in the Single Player Story before it ran out of in-game content.

Hilbert and Oshawott are a Support duo and serve mainly to boost the stats of other team members. Oshawott has the abilities X Speed All, which raises the Speed stat of all Pokemon on Hilbert's team and "In This Together" which boosts the Attack stats of allies. Notably, "In This Together" is even more effective when Oshawott's HP is low. Oshawott also has the awesome passive ability Impervious, which prevents Oshawott's stats from getting lowered.

As with other recently added Sync Pairs, players can only obtain Hilbert from the Sync Pair Scout, which can be access through the in-game store. Players can use Gems to use the in-game Scout, which they either achieve by complete stages, or by purchasing through the app.