Pokemon Masters Seems to Be Doing Worse Than Ever

The DeNA mobile game Pokemon Masters seems to be struggling, per a new report. The YouTuber PAnime HQ recently published a chart showing estimated sales for the new mobile game since its release in September in the United States. Per the new estimates, sales have plummeted from a high of just over $345,000 per day in early September to under $15,000 last week. The analytics should be taken with a grain of salt, however, as they are estimates taken from App Annie and only factors sales from the United States and not Japan, where the game's sales are likely much higher. Even if the figures aren't precise, they are still a good indicator of the steep downward trend the game has experienced since its release last month.

Pokemon Masters revolves around players building teams made up of both Pokemon and trainers and then battling them in single player and co-op 3-on-3 live battles. While interest in Pokemon Masters was initially high, monotonous gameplay and a lack of new content has caused fans to abandon the game in droves. The developers of Pokemon Masters even released an apology letter to fans for the lack of content, but they have yet to introduce any major new changes that would lead to fans being interested in the game.

Still, there is some hope that Pokemon Masters could turn into a good game down the line. DeNA is a major game publisher and its unlikely that they'll pull the plug on a collaboration with the Pokemon Company so soon. And as we've seen with games like Pokemon Go, it sometimes takes time to bring a mobile game into its ideal state. Hopefully, Pokemon Masters will add some new content soon, and perhaps make their painful gacha system a little bit easier to spend money on.

Pokemon Masters is currently available on mobile devices.