Pokemon Releases Pikachu ASMR Video

The Pokemon Company has released an ASMR video featuring their prized mascot Pikachu. Earlier this week, the Pokemon Company released a 15-minute video featuring Pikachu playing with toys and sleeping on a patio on their Japanese YouTube channel. As Pikachu snoozes, the Pokemon whispers its name over and over, which certainly seems to qualify the video as official ASMR content. The video has racked up over a half million views in less than a week, as fans seem to have responded strongly to watching Pikachu talking into the camera and playing with simple household objects. You can watch the full video up above.

ASMR is short for autonomous sensory meridian response, and involves certain sounds triggering positive feelings and a specific sensation. ASMR videos have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, and it's not hard to find an ASMR video featuring just about anything. Usually, the ASMR videos feature specific types of soft noises, such as whispering, or the wind blowing softly through a window.

The video is the latest in a series of ASMR Pokemon videos released by the Pokemon Company. Previous ASMR videos have featured everything from Chespin eating to Charmander sitting by a fire to Squirtle sitting on a beach. There's even a video of Grimer doing....something, which seems to prove our earlier point about ASMR videos having all sorts of strange content.


It's clear that the Pokemon Company really likes its ASMR, as they seem to put out a new video every few months. This isn't just the Pokemon Company trying to jump on a trend, as they seem content to keep building up their ASMR portfolio. You can check out the Pikachu video up above and the other videos on the Pokemon Company's YouTube channels.