Pokemon Is Hosting a Post Malone Virtual Concert for Pokemon Day

The Pokemon Company is teaming up with Post Malone for a virtual Pokemon Day concert. The Pokemon Company released a 30-second teaser of Malone approaching a concert venue holding a Poke Ball before transforming into a CG character in the style of recent Pokemon games. The concert will take place at 7 PM ET on February 27th and will stream on the official Pokemon website. The full teaser can be seen above.

Unsurprisingly, the teaser contains a few clever Easter eggs and nods to the Pokemon franchise. Malone's rings have red, blue, and green gems - a reference to the first three Pokemon games. Additionally, a vending machine in the background uses a menu from the original Pokemon games, complete with Pokemon Dollar symbols. Malone's jacket is also a yellow and black plaid - a likely reference to Pikachu - and transforms into a jacket with a Pikachu tail when he transforms into his digital form.

It's unclear whether Post Malone is participating in The Pokemon Company's P25 Music project, which features collaborations with various music artists. Notably, Katy Perry is already set to release a new song titled "Electric" as part of P25 Music.


Malone and Perry are just one part of The Pokemon Company's big plans for the 25th anniversary of the original Pokemon games' release. Various companies, such as McDonald's and Levi's, have already announced collaborations with The Pokemon Company, and more announcements are expected soon. At least two Pokemon games are set to be released this year - New Pokemon Snap comes out in April, and the Pokemon UNITE MOBA is also due sometime in 2021. More announcements are also expected, including the supposed release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake games. As the 20th anniversary helped kick the Pokemon franchise into overdrive (driven in part by the release of Pokemon Go) that summer, we can expect some big announcements ahead.