Pokemon Rumble Rush Officially Shuts Down

Pokemon Rumble Rush has officially come to an end this week with the mobile Pokemon game no longer playable as of July 22nd. Gone are the listings for the game in the mobile markets as service for Pokemon Rumble Rush ended to make it so that people couldn't download the game anymore nor can they play whatever version of it they have on their devices. If you've got any leftover currency from the game, that's unusable now as well. This shutdown follows an announcement from April that gave players ample time to get in their last few experiences with Pokemon Rumble Rush.

Nintendo reminded people of its plans to shut down the mobile Pokemon game with another announcement shared on the Pokemon site that confirmed the end of Pokemon Rumble Rush. Nintendo thanked players for their time with the game and said that it's now unplayable and unavailable to all.

"Pokémon Rumble Rush has been retired and services for the mobile game have ended," The Pokemon Company's announcement said. "From this point on, you cannot install it for the first time or update this app. You also cannot play any previously installed version of the app. Additionally, unused Poké Diamonds can no longer be used or redeemed."

Pokemon Rumble Rush was first released in 2019 which makes its lifespan a short one now that it's been shut down. Like other free-to-play games, it was technically labeled as "free-to-start" instead and encouraged the spending of real money through in-game microtransactions. It had numerous events in its window of availability but failed to attract a significant following.

Aside from the now defunct Pokemon Rumble Rush, The Pokemon Company still has its big mobile player, Pokemon Go, available on mobile platforms. The game is currently building up to the next Pokemon Go Fest event which will still happen this year, though it'll be presented in a new format instead of its traditional on-site event.


The Pokemon Company also released an app not long ago called Pokemon Smile which isn't quite a game, but it's close enough to one that it could help young Pokemon fans develop better habits.

Perhaps we'll see some fan-preserved version of Pokemon Rumble Rush appear some day from those who were fond of it, but for now, the mobile game is no longer available.